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How to handle sextortion email scammer asking for ransom money

Sextortion email scam is on rise where unknown scammer sends email saying:

“While you were using a porn website, I installed a spyware, adware or virus that gave me control of your computer device. I accessed your system’s video camera and recorded you naked while doing masturbation. I also accessed your email inbox and all it’s contacts. It is too late to change your password since I already have everything. I demand $1000 to keep this secret. If you don’t transfer money to my Bitcoin account, I will make your video viral and send it to all your contacts.”

Victim goes to state of panic while reading such email specially when it includes password of your inbox. People watch porn websites and they start believing such email.

Was my computer really hacked?

No, don’t believe that you were hacked. This is just some crook trying to blackmail you for money by writing an email that made an impact on your mind.

How did he get my password?

People have wrong habit of using same password for every email accounts. In the past there had been big data breaches even with companies like Linkedin and Yahoo. They took the password from these breached databases.

Should I pay to blackmailer?

These crooks demand payment in Bitcoin, an unregulated cryptocurrency favoured by fraudsters. Never pay these extortionists because one payment invariably trigger demands for more money.

Report to Bitcoin

Follow the link below to report Bitcoin about abuser. Copy the Bitcoin address from email and paste it in the form. Fill other fields and submit the form.

Cover your camera

The computer of your laptop, computer, ipad, tablet and mobile phone can be hacked. It is recommended that you buy cheap easy to use Universal WebCam Cover Shutter Slider Plastic Camera Cover For iphone iPad PC Macbook Tablet Laptop Lens Privacy Sticker to protect yourself. Click the image below to buy.

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