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Belgium Vs Germany diesel and petrol price comparison

It is a great fun to travel in Europe by road with your personal vehicle. Since the gas prices are high in Europe, it is a good idea to save some money by filling your car with diesel or petrol from the country where it is much cheaper.

I was travelling to Romania by road from Belgium in July 2021. I checked the internet about diesel prices in Belgium and Germany. Some outdated websites mentioned that diesel and petrol is cheaper in Germany. I believed it and left my fuel tank empty but when I reached Germany, I realized that gas prices are higher in Germany as compared to Belgium :( I felt so frustrated, that’s the reason I am writing this article to help people like you to save money.

Diesel price in Belgium:

€1.52 per litre

Diesel price in Germany:

€1.72 to €1.76 per litre


Diesel and Petrol per litre price is €0.20 to €0.24 more in Germany as compared to Belgium and petrol price per litre has the same difference.

So, if you are travelling from Belgium to Germany by road then always fill your tank from Belgium.

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